Europe holidays: Most affordable city break destination named – holidays for under £500

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Despite spiralling living costs, nearly 30 percent of Britons are still keen to get away for a well-deserved break, according to new research by Tymit, though many are still keen to keep costs low. Fortunately, there are a number of beautiful and much more affordable places to visit, and here are 10 of them

Warsaw, Poland

According to travel insurance experts Forbes Advisor, the most affordable destination for two holidaymakers seeking a city break in Europe is Warsaw in Poland.

The analysis delves into the costs for a two-day trip for two people travelling from the UK, including return flights, accommodation, two days’ worth of excursions, a taxi for the entire holiday and meals out.

In Warsaw, you could expect to spend around £426 on a weekend away. When broken down, return flights average around £242, while a taxi for two days would only cost £5, according to Forbes Advisor.

Excursions are much more budget-friendly, starting from only £8, and meals out aren’t too pricey either. These, including alcohol, average at a combined total of £46.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Ranking second on the list of places a bit friendlier to the wallet is Sofia in Bulgaria.

According to the analysis, the average cost for a two-person getaway is £432.

Visitors will get a better deal on alcohol than in Warsaw, which would amount to around £10 for the trip, but taxis are much more expensive at £18 for two days.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius ranks in third place with an average cost of £465 for a two-day break for two people, according to Forbes Advisor. 

The Lithuanian capital will cost a couple of holidaymakers £248 for return flights, less than Sofia and only £6 more than the top-ranking city of Warsaw.

Skopje, Macedonia

Placing fourth on the list is Skopje in North Macedonia, with costs averaging around £511, the first country on this listing to cost more than £500 for two people on a two-day break.

According to the analysis, return flights average around £298, while accommodation for two nights rests around £128 for two people.

Excursions, taxis, meals out and alcohol average £19, £16, £42 and £18, respectively.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade in Serbia will appeal to foodies looking for a short break on a budget, as the cost of meals out for the two days is even lower than Warsaw, at just £12.

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Accommodation is also kinder on the bank balance at only £78 for two days.

However, the higher cost of flights and alcohol, at £392 and £26 respectively, places Serbia’s largest city fifth on this list with an average overall cost of £521.

Prague, Czech Republic

The sixth most affordable city for a two-day break is the Czech Republic capital, Prague, at £532.

With cheaper flights than Belgrade coming in at around £270, more costly accommodation is what sets Prague back one, with average prices hitting the £172 mark.

Podgorica, Montenegro

Placing second on the list of more budget-friendly city breaks in Europe is Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica, with an average overall price of £528 for a two-day trip.

Flights to this mountainous Balkan country average a more costly £252 for a return while nabbing a hotel costs around £134.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In eighth place is Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where couples can expect to spend £538 to stay and explore the city for a two-day holiday.

Flights are the more weighty area of expense for this trip, with figures averaging around £396 for two return flights.

However, the costs for accommodation, excursions, food, taxis and alcohol average much cheaper at £142 all in.

Riga, Latvia

Ninth on the list is Riga, the capital of Latvia, with couples looking to spend £550 for a two-day stay.

Flights to Riga for two cost a slightly cheaper £282, while costs on the stay rack the price up to a more costly £268.

However, you can expect to make a saving on excursions as these amount to just £20 for two people.

Bucharest, Romania

Finally, the tenth destination on the list, and only £11 more expensive than Riga, is Bucharest in Romania for a price of £561 for two nights.

While prices for alcohol, excursions and taxis are placed at the cheaper end of the list, meals out average at the most expensive end averaging around £72.

Once referred to as the Paris of the East, the rich history and hidden architectural gems should certainly make up for the more hefty price tag.

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