Former flight attendant reveals most demanding nationalities on planes

I’m a former flight attendant and these are the most – and the least – demanding nationalities on board (and it’s not good news for the British)

  • Marika Mikusova, who lives in Prague, worked as a flight attendant for five years
  • She reveals why Britons made life more stressful for cabin crew
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Former flight attendant Marika Mikusova, pictured here in Dubai

A former flight attendant has revealed that some nationalities had a tendency to make life for the cabin crew extra stressful – and Britons are included in that group.

Marika Mikusova, who has written a warts-and-all behind-the-scenes book about the five years she spent working at 38,000ft called Diary Of A Flight Attendant, told MailOnline Travel that the British ‘come on board already in “party mode”‘.

The 33-year-old continued: ‘Even though we don’t like to spoil the fun, we have to calm them down a bit.

‘Yes, flight attendants are party-poopers. Sorry, we have to be. Consumption of alcohol and noise level on board shouldn’t get out of hand.

‘Needless to say, it sometimes does and it can be ugly.’

Marika, above, said the Brits tend to board aircraft ‘in party mode’ 

Diary of A Flight Attendant is a warts-and-all behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to work at 38,000ft

Czech Marika said that flights containing lots of Germans tended to be less stressful.

In these instances, ‘boarding basically takes care of itself’.

She explained: ‘German passengers know where to sit and how to arrange their luggage in the hat racks [overhead bins], which they then close themselves. And if they want to change seats with someone, they go and ask them themselves, instead of coming to us like little kids to sort it out for them.’

Marika explained that she also enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere on flights with ‘polite Japanese people’ and ‘ever-smiling and kind-hearted Filipinos’.

She added: ‘Passengers’ behaviour sets the mood of the whole flight for us. And I believe not only for us but their fellow passengers too.’

Marika Mikusova’s book Diary of a Flight Attendant is out now. Click here to order a copy. You can find Marika tweeting at and her Instagram account is here.

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