I paid 25 euros for a meal with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower

I paid just 25 euros for a meal with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower

  • A pro-traveller claimed TikTok is ‘sleeping’ on one affordable Paris restaurant
  • Rachel Rae said she paid just £25 for an evening meal before the Eiffel Tower
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A TikToker claims she ‘searched the whole of Paris’ and found the most affordable restaurant by the Eiffel Tower. 

Pro-traveller Rachel Rae said she only paid £25 for an evening of stunning views and good food. 

Posting to her TikTok account, @rachelrrae, she said TikTok had been ‘sleeping’ on the restaurant. 

Urging her 10,000 followers to visit, she said: ‘I’ve searched all of Paris for an affordable restaurant with the best views of the Eiffel Tower and this is it.

A TikToker claims she found the most affordable restaurant by the Eiffel Tower and told her followers they are ‘sleeping on this one’

Rachel Rae claimed she ‘searched the whole of Paris’ to find the stunning riverside eatery

The TikToker ordered from a set menu with her friends and described the food as ‘pretty good’

‘It’s called Francette and it’s literally right below the Eiffel Tower we only paid £25 for our entire meal per person.

The TikToker said the restaurant is on a boat and has three floors, she described the highest floor as ‘an open air concept’ which has views of the Eiffel Tower. 

She continued: ‘We ordered a set menu which is actually pretty good for the price but the views are just amazing.’

‘I feel like TikTok is sleeping on this one you can also stay here for ages.’

searched the whole of paris so you don’t have to #pariseiffeltowerview #eiffeltowerrestaurant #eiffeltowerview

The restaurant is described on Trip advisor as an ‘Upscale eatery, set in a barge along the Seine, offering carpaccio, oysters and Eiffel Tower views.’ 

The restaurant offers decently priced food for the location, with cheese boards ranging from €17 to €25 and three oysters and a glass of wine for €12.

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Customers can opt for a waterfront view with mains starting from €18. 

According to Rachel, the boat ‘barely’ moves and you can book a specific floor of the restaurant on their website.  

The now-viral video has been viewed nearly 430,000 times and thousands of viewers took to the comments leaving mixed reviews. 

Some were desperate to try the ideally-situated restaurant, one said: ‘The price and everything is fantastic. What a great find.’

Another user wrote: ‘Might need to try this I’m in France right now.’ 

To which Rachel replied: ‘No seriously it’s what I remember most it’s insane.’ 

Meanwhile, one person commented: ‘I hated the food here. It was not good at all, I really tried to like it. The views were great though.’

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