Grotty ‘poo attraction’ opens in UK with vomiting robot and stinky challenges

An unusual new exhibition has opened in a UK museum that focuses on… poo. The new exhibit will lift the lid (excuse the pun) on digestion and the inner workings of the body and lets you get up close and person with your toilet habits.

Based on the children’s show Operation Ouch by CBBC visitors will be shrunk, swallowed, squeezed through and spat out of presenter Dr Xand's digestive system. The interactive play experience is a great way to teach kids about why they go to the loo.

Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You will let you glory in all the grossness that kids often enjoy at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. You’ll have to let go of your inhibitions and get stuck into the body’s funniest functions.

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This includes exploring a set of giant teeth, slipping down the gullet, wandering through the intestines and discovering why exactly we spend a penny. The interactive games and gross activities include an interactive poo-duction line that lets visitors move waste through the large intestine.

You’ll also get to smell how food is broken down in a stinky challenge and kids can fight off bad bacteria to protect the body from illness. Little ones will sleep well after that!

Cutting edge technology will also be on public display as part of an exhibition for the first time in the form of Larry the Vomiting Robot. He helped scientists find out how germs move around by showing just how far you’re sick can splatter. Lovely.

Guests will also hear from young people living with digestive conditions and find out how medicine is helping to treat them. Drs Chris, Xand, and Ronx will pop up throughout the journey so fans of the show won’t be disappointed.

Steven Leech, Curator of Exhibitions at the Science and Industry Museum, said: "From slobber to stomach acid and vomit to poo, this exhibition challenges taboos and proves it's healthy to understand and discuss how our bodies work.

"Science can be serious stuff, but it's also really fun. Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You will offer a playful early experience that builds confidence in young people who want to explore science. It's going to be a fantastic exhibition so hold onto your hats, and your noses, and come and get stuck into the science inside all of us."

Dr Ronx said: "Whoooo, poo is my absolute favourite subject, and to be honest the only way to teach you about the digestive system is to make you part of it!

"From the tip of Xand's tongue to his bum, we are gonna get up close and personal. We want all your senses activated leaving you a mixture of grossed out, fascinated and basically a poo boffin like me. See you there!"

Dr Chris and Xand said: "Get ready to make history and take part in our most epic experiment yet! Find out how your food gets mashed, pulped, squeezed and absorbed, and soak up the sights, sounds and smells of your incredible digestive system!

"Our bodies are amazing! There’s nothing we wouldn't do to demonstrate all the wonderful ways they work and this exhibition is proof! So make sure you come along and get digested at the Science and Industry Museum—it'll be absolutely disgusting!"

The exhibition opened on Friday July 21 2023 and is so far proving a hit. Over on TikTok @the.manc showed off how you could "travel like poo".

In the comments, one person said: "I wanna be a poo". While a second added: "OMG, OMG, OMG."

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Dian Donnai said: "Great exhibition at Science and Industry Museum. Operation Ouch: Food, you and poo. My 12yr old granddaughter now knows all the intricacies of the GI tract presented in fun way (with a free Poo hat!)"

Northern Soul added: "Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You at Manchester's SIM Museum is a proper hoot – and brilliant entertainment for the school holidays. Don't leave without your poo hat…we didn’t."

Miss D said: "Had an amazing day at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester! Loved the Operation Ouch: Food, Poo and You exhibit! Super gory but very interesting and my family really enjoyed it!

"If anyone is teaching the digestive system in science at school it’s a great place for a possible school trip! I believe the exhibit is open till next summer."

Find out more at Tickets are £10 for adults, £9 for kids, seniors and concessions and little ones under three go free.

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