‘I refused to give up my plane seat so newlyweds could sit together’

Should you graciously give up your pre-selected seat so people travelling together can sit next to each other? According to one flyer, absolutely not. One man took to Reddit to ask if he was an arse for refusing to swap plane seats to accommodate another couple.

An airline passenger recalled a time he stuck to his guns and refused to forfeit his seat when “newlyweds” on his flight wanted to sit together.

He explained that he had booked a window seat and the woman beside him was married to a man sitting in the middle row.

The couple asked him if he could switch seats so they could sit together, which would have left him in the aisle seat had he agreed.

The airline passenger “politely refused” and shared that he doesn’t like the aisle seat because of his size and aisle traffic.

He revealed that on one occasion sitting in an aisle seat, his elbow was hurt “badly” when a trolley bumped into it.

Already feeling like the “villain in their love story”, what made matters worse was the man sitting next to the husband also tried to persuade him to swap seats for the newlyweds.

He revealed that this passenger was “making a scene as if I was the Scrooge in the couple’s honeymoon”.

The airline passenger’s decision was not well received and he ended up on the receiving end of some hateful stares – even from the crew.

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He asked the forum whether he was wrong to refuse to change his seat, arguing that the couple could have booked seats together in advance.

He explained that on his own honeymoon, they just pre-booked their seats and “never bothered anyone”.

On the forum people pretty unanimously agreed with the airline passenger, choosing logic over love.

One user said: “I always book the window seat because I need to sleep as I always feel mildly nauseous and become functionally deaf from the pressurised cabin. Love takeoffs and landings, middle bit is sheer hell.”

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“I would only ever change to allow a child to sit with their parent because they should not have to sit with strangers who may not be safe for them.

“I can definitely relate to not wanting the aisle seat. I always get hit by the trolley and bumped by passengers.”

Another agreed that he was “not the arse”, explaining: “I always get aisle seats because of flying anxiety and had a mum/daughter ask me to trade seats so they could sit together which would have put me in a centre seat.

“They were so p****d when I politely explained why I wouldn’t move. I don’t get why people can’t reserve the seats they want – is it they are cheaping out and relying on other people to switch with them?”(sic)

One Reddit user offered some advice for next time: “Next time just say, ‘Poor planning on your part doesn’t make it an emergency for me,’.

‘I can’t believe the crew gave you a hard time. You should send the airlines an email.'”

To this, the airline passenger replied: “Oh they did. I felt so ashamed I didn’t even eat and just slept during meal service.

“And the guy who switched with the lady beside me completely blocked my access so I had to hold my pee in for a good part of the flight.”

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