Spanish locals use ‘offensive’ code words to talk about British tourists

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    British tourists aren’t known for being the best behaved when it comes to visiting other nations.

    Although one DJ has said Brits are not the rowdiest of visitors, others disagree. For example, Lanzarote has said it wants more "high quality" tourists rather than Brits, while Amsterdam released a campaign asking British men aged 18 to 30 to "stay away" from the city.

    Of course Spain is a firm favourite with Brits looking for cheap sunshine, booze and sea – but they're not a hit with locals.

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    Now it turns out that the locals have even come up with an 'offensive' code word to talk about UK tourists, reports the Sun.

    It turns out that Spanish people call British tourists "guiri", which comes from 'giri' meaning blonde or fair-skinned.

    It makes sense that the term would be used for Brits who are often paler than our Spanish counterparts.

    In fact, a Sunny Beach policewoman even noted: "In my view the usual British tourist looks like this — fair skin, a bit chubby and wearing as little clothing as possible."

    We’re also known to burn bright red instead of tan.

    The nickname isn’t always used to refer to just UK nationals.

    Any tourist considered to be acting like a Brit can be called the offensive term.

    So of you get recklessly drunk or act anti-socially you could be called "guiri" no matter your nationality.

    Those who partake in very touristy activity could also be labelled with the term such as drinking sangria and ordering gimmicky food.

    Spain has introduced plenty of new restrictions on tourists over the last few years in the hope of improving behaviour.

    In hotspots such as Barcelona and Majorca, topless men and women wearing bikinis face fines of up to €300 (£253) if they're spotted walking around away from the beach.

    While the Balearics government introduced a rule capping all-inclusive drinks at six a day in some resorts.

    Plus, Barcelona has a new law making its 10 beaches smoking-free, with fines of up to €30 (£25) for rule-breakers.


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