‘I’m a hotel receptionist and you could lose your room with a simple mistake’

A hotel receptionist has warned tourists they could be at risk of losing their room if they make a simple error.

The receptionist spoke to the expert travel team at eshores to share the inside tip for British tourists.

A spokesperson said: “According to hotel receptionists, many budget hotels will purposely overbook rooms to maximise profits based on the assumption that some guests won’t show up.

“If they end up with too many people checking in, they’ll move you to another hotel and cover taxi costs, but this is obviously a significant inconvenience for most people.”

Just like airlines, hotels could overbook rooms if they think a lot of people might not turn up for their booking.

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However, if all the guests do end up showing up, some will end up losing out on the room they booked.

Although the hotel will cover the costs of moving guests to another accommodation, this could be a huge inconvenience after a long flight or a busy day of sightseeing.

But how can tourists lower the risk of losing out on their hotel room?

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The spokesperson added: “This system usually impacts the guests who are last to check in.

“So, if you’re heading to an evening show or event and think you can just check in afterwards, you should reconsider.”

According to the hotel receptionist, guests who check in last are most at risk of losing out on the room.

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