‘I’m a travel expert – it’s easy to book the best Black Friday holiday deals’

Bargain hunters after cheap holiday deals this Black Friday will want to set their alarm clocks early, according to a travel expert.

Shahab Siddiqui, founder of FlightsFinder.com and his team have revealed their insider tricks for bagging the best discounts. According to them, the early bird catches the worm. They advise: "If possible, jump on your laptop or phone early in the morning to increase your chances of a better Black Friday deal before the flight sells out or tickets become more expensive."

However, there's good news for those who prefer a lie-in; Black Friday isn't necessarily the only time in the coming days you'll be able to snap up some tempting cheap breaks.

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Shahab Siddiqui added: "Black Friday can be a great way to save a lot of money on flights and other travel expenses such as hotels and car hires. It’s important to be prepared for when the discounts start coming in to make sure you’re actually getting the lowest price possible.

"Before confirming your booking, watch out for hidden fees such as specific seat reservations and in-flight entertainment. Be flexible with where and when you want to go to maximise your chances of finding a great flight, for less. If you miss out on Black Friday remember there is always Travel Tuesday which is only a few days after. Less bargain-hunters know about this which means airlines may be offering better deals later in the week."

For those who are going to try their luck on Black Friday, there are plenty more easy tricks to put the odds in your favour according to the FlightsFinder team. For example being flexible with your date and time if you can could help enhance your chances of bagging a better deal, or if you haven't got a destination in mind then the 'fly anywhere' tool often offered by airlines could be the trick.

It's also worth signing up for emails from airlines and travel firms as sometimes these newsletters have early access or exclusive deals. Just make sure to stay vigilant around hidden costs; for example if you find very cheap flights, check if the likes of luggage allowance and seat selection are included, and if not make sure to factor in those extra costs.

You can find out more on FlightsFinder.com.

You may also want to keep an eye on our holiday deals guide which we'll be regularly updating with all the best deals, discount codes and sales we see that we think you'll love. We don't just update it for Black Friday – we regularly add deals throughout the year so make sure to bookmark the page for future bargain hunting too!

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