‘I’m an etiquette expert and these are the rules for reclining your plane seat’

Plane seats can be uncomfortable and many passengers can’t wait to recline on a long-haul flight. However, the traveller behind might not be happy about that.

The travel experts at SkyParkSecure have collaborated with etiquette expert, Jo Bryant, to find out exactly when it’s okay for passengers to recline their seat.

Jo said: “It is difficult to ask the person in front of you not to recline their seat, they have every right to do so and, on a long flight, will need comfort.

“There are some considerations, however. Don’t recline immediately after take-off, and don’t recline during drink/mealtimes.

“It’s best to wait to press the button until the cabin lights have been dimmed and the quiet time of the flight is underway.

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“When things start to get busy again, a pre-landing meal, preparation for arrival etc., then move back to a more upright position to give everyone behind you enough space.”

If the passenger in the seat in front has their seat reclined during a meal, the crew will usually ask them to move the seat to the upright position.

Tourists will need to have their seat in the upright position for take-off and landing for safety reasons.

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Some passengers like to have a drink at the airport or enjoy a glass of wine during their flight. However, drunk passengers can cause issues.

Jo said: “A glass or two in departures is fine, but attempting to board if you are worse for wear is disrespectful to other passengers and the crew.

“You risk being ill on the flight, being unsteady as you move along the cabin, irritating to fellow passengers or, worse of all, even being denied boarding.”

Travellers aren’t allowed to bring their own alcohol onto the plane and they will be denied boarding if they attempt to do so.

In extreme situations, planes have even had to land at a different airport to offload a drunk passenger.

A flight attendant recently shared the type of drink that passengers should always avoid on their flight and which is the best choice.

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