People are bringing extra luggage on flights for free using a clever pillow hack

One of the most annoying parts of flying is having to shell out extra cash to check a bag.

While many airlines' hand luggage rules allow you to bring a small suitcase into the cabin for free it’s not always enough space for a long trip.

Plus, if you’re on a budget airline you may only be allowed a personal item like a backpack.

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So, if you don’t want to pay more money you need to cram all of your clothes, toiletries, books and devices into one bag.

But, it seems there’s a cheeky way passengers can sneak extra luggage onto their flights for free.

Over on social media a number of holidaymakers have shown how they use a pillow to bring extra clothes with them.

The passengers simply stuff their clothing into a pillowcase and bring it on board, disguised as a simple travel pillow.

Most airlines allow tourists to bring a pillow on-board in addition to their bags so that they can be comfortable or sleep.

By packing most of your clothes in the pillowcase you’ll free up plenty of space in your luggage for other necessary items.

Security won’t stop you from passing through if you do this so long as everything in the pillowcase is allowed to be on the flight, so avoid putting any liquids or chargeable devices inside and stick to clothes.

Online, people claimed that they’d tried the trick and found it worked, reports the Express.

One person said: “I did it on two transatlantic flights. It worked!”

Tamarea Harland posted on TikTok and noted that security officers “know because it literally goes through an X-ray machine, but they don’t care".

Meanwhile, TikTok user Larissa,, tried the trick herself.

“We tried the airport pillow hack,” she said while walking through the airport terminal. “And we SUCCEEDED.”

Larissa said she managed to save the equivalent of £67 in baggage fees with the hack after loading it up with 6kg worth of clothes.

A commenter said: “They are looking trough a x-ray. They know what y'all have in those pillows. They just don’t tell it because it's just clothing. And nothing bad.”

An airline worker added: “ "I work in the airport and I can tell you, we all know.”

However, the trick is perfectly legal so you don’t need to worry about being reprimanded by security.

Do double check that pillows are allowed on your flight though as you don’t want to have your item removed at boarding.

Another hack which may work to bring the clothes on board is to buy something at the airport and ask for a plastic shopping bag.

Items purchased in the terminal don’t count as extra luggage so you can put your clothes in the bag and bring it on board.


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