Plus-size woman ‘humiliated’ and ’embarrassed’ when plane seat was too small

A plus-sized woman is terrified she will be too big for the seats on a flight, fearing she will ‘spill into’ the next person's seat.

Kayla Logan, from Toronto, Canada, travels a lot for work and claims she often approaches the front desk to ask whether the plane is full.

If not she requests to be sat next to an empty seat, she also asks for a seatbelt extender just in case.

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The body-positive influencer, who goes by @kaylalogalblog, says she doesn’t want to make others uncomfortable – but the extra seat isn’t always an option, like on a recent flight.

Kayla gets wheelchair access due to her health conditions so she was able to board the flight first.

But getting down the aisle isn’t easy when you’re a plus-sized person, although she managed it and sat at the rear of the plane.

Writing for Newsweek, she explained: “Over half of my body was encroaching onto the other passenger's area. I was fortunate because the armrest on the plane went up.

“I knew it was a full flight and I didn't want to make the person beside me uncomfortable, so I pushed all my body weight into the side of the seat facing the aisle.

“I didn't want to upset the other passenger, they had paid for their seat as well. So, I took all that weight and sat on the edge of the seat with my body in the row and I was in excruciating pain for five hours, which was challenging.

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“Weight doesn't just stop at your hips, so I was trying to make my body as small as possible for the whole flight.”

Kayla says it was obvious the passenger did not want to sit beside her, asking the flight attendant if the flight was full and if he could move.

She added: “There was part of me that understood that, but there was also serious pain, embarrassment and humiliation.”

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Kayla says ‘fat tax’ isn’t fair and she shouldn’t be expected to buy two plane tickets just because she is overweight – airlines should do more to make adjustments for their customers.

Especially since some people are plus-sized and they’re happy about it.

Kayla said: “I gave up diet culture and went on a journey of self-love. At my thinnest, I was a size four and now, at a size 20-22 and the heaviest I have ever been, I love myself more than ever.

"I don't know exactly how much I weigh at the moment; I don't let numbers determine my worth or my happiness.”


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