Queen loved British Airways but ‘younger royals tend to go private’

There are lots of rules that the Royal Family have to follow when travelling. These include random rules such as Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly taking bags of blood with them when they travel.

The former Press Secretary to the late Queen, Dickie Arbiter, joined “A Right Royal Podcast by Hello!” where he gave insight into how the Royal Family travel.

The royal insider noted that the royals usually travel via British Airways, or rather that they should, but don’t always do.

Mr Arbiter said: “Younger royals tend to take private jets, senior royals don’t.

“If the late Queen went to Australia with the late Prince Philip… If a plane wasn’t available, they would go British Airways, paying for it, it wouldn’t be given free.

“The first class section might be turned into bedroom quarters.”

The “younger royals” that Mr Arbiter was referring to were likely Prince Harry, 38, and Meghan Markle, 41, who have taken private jets on many occasions over the past few years.

During the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew by private jet from LA to London and back again the same way.

The couple reportedly flies in a lavish 12-seater Cessna jet when they choose to travel privately.

The Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign plane is decorated with beautiful interiors, including spacious bathrooms, mood lighting, comfortable leather seats, and onboard WiFi.

The Sussexes likely chose the fly via private jet for comfort, especially for the Jubilee given it was their children’s first journey to the UK.

However, there are younger royals that take commercial flights occasionally, such as Kate and William.

The Prince and Princess of Wales took an economy FlyBe flight from Norwich to Aberdeen back in 2019 with their three children.

Daena Borrowman, the Marketing Manager at jewellerybox, spoke to Express.co.uk about the travelling rules the Royal Family have to follow.

She said: “The late Queen favoured bold colours and prescribed them to her family because royals are meant to be easily distinguishable in a crowd.

“But a tragedy delivered a life lesson, giving rise to a whole new travel protocol that applies to this date.

“When Queen Elizabeth’s flight landed in England on the death of her father, her dresser realised they hadn’t packed a black mourning outfit for the new mourning Queen to be received by her ministers.

“Ever since then, Royal Family members have to compulsorily pack a black outfit when travelling.”

The expert also expanded on the royal protocol that women specifically have to follow when travelling.

Ms Borrowman added: “Whilst touring abroad, royal protocol dictates that royal women also honour local history and traditions by sporting the colours of the country they are in.

“Also, by wearing jewellery gifted to the late Queen by that country or respecting local customs such as covering of the head with a scarf.”

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