Cheapest destinations to fly to in March for as little as £12

Choosing the perfect destination for a cheap getaway can rely heavily on the cost of flights, particularly if you’re booking at the last minute. Travelling short haul to nearby Europe is one way to keep costs low, and an experienced budget traveller has shared the best places to visit this year.

In a recent video on his TikTok profile, Bailey Turvey @baileyturvey revealed how to get away this spring for less than £25.

He shared a handful of European hotspots you can fly to from the UK for “less than the price of a Dominoes Pizza”.

Bailey’s first recommendation was Krakow, Poland – a popular tourist destination year-round that is renowned for its cheap drinks and grand historic architecture.

The experienced solo traveller claimed that “you can get return flights in March for £17”, from Liverpool, Bristol and London airports.

Switzerland was second on the list, specifically, Lugano which is part of the Italian-speaking Ticino Canton and is the biggest city in the region.

You can fly indirectly, with one or more stops, using Swiss International Airline or go via Milan as recommended by Bailey.

He said: “You can pretty much get return flights all year round for around, or even less than £20.

“And you can even get a five-euro train and be in the Swiss, lakeside city within one hour!”

For a land-locked retreat, you can enjoy cheap return flights to Luxembourg for just £20, according to the TikTok travel expert.

Bailey explained: “You can find summer and winter flights for around £20 and it’s also a great place to fly into to explore other countries.”

With Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south, you can easily drive to neighbouring hotspots to save money on extra flights.

The avid solo traveller explained that all of these flights can be found on Skyscanner’s “whole month” option.

If you’re looking for a warmer holiday, Porto, Portugal is not to be missed.

In part two of his “cheap flights” video, Bailey explained that return flights can be purchased for as little as £20 “if you’re flexible”.

He added that “the maximum you’ll have to pay is £30.”

The Balkans have been branded one of the go-to destinations for 2023 with the city of Podgorica, in Montenegro voted as the “most affordable destination for a getaway in Europe.”

The Mediterranean climate can be enjoyed on a budget with flights from just £12 each way, according to Bailey.

He said: “Get yourself on a one-hour transfer to the town of Kotor.”

In France, the TikTok traveller recommended heading to Marseilles. Though slightly more expensive, at around £25-£30 for return flights, it’s not to be missed.

Bailey’s “top tip” was to visit Calanques National Park for “stunning views”.

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