Wales is home to one of UK’s weirdest beaches that can only be reached by kayaks

This week is set to have lovely weather once again in the UK and plenty of Brits are looking for beaches to head to.

And, as scenes of packed popular beach towns have been circulating on social media lesser known options are all the rage.

But, those looking for a quiet British spot to enjoy will be surprised to learn that Wales is home to one of the most bizarre beaches in Europe – and you won’t want to sunbathe on it.

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If you drive to Porthcawl or Ogmore you might get a glimpse of a rocky island a few kilometres out to sea that's an attraction for dark tourists.

Upon this tiny land mass is Tusker Rock – at less than 500m across the jagged island sneaks out of the waves and has claimed a number of ships attempting to sail the Bristol Channel.

And, the twisted remains of such ships have littered Tusker Rock like a rusting marine graveyard.

Some of the remains have laid on the islands shores for centuries blending into the sand and rock to become a part of the landscape.

Metal wheels, spokes, cogs and hulls can be spotted along the island in a spooky ensemble.

And, photos don’t do justice to the creepy graveyard of ships on Tusker Rock – which is named after a Danish Viking, Tuska, who terrorised the Vale of Glamorgan.

Some of the shipwrecks have been identified such as the Malleny.

Malleny was a Portuguese iron ship heading to Rio stacked with Welsh coal, but it was lost to the rocks in 1886 along with 20 crew members.

The ship lay on Tusker Rock until 1979 when the military blew it up, reports WalesOnline.

Tusker rock is mostly accessible only by kayak and you must be experienced to attempt the crossing.

Boats avoid Tusker Rock due to… well, all the ships wrecked upon its shores.

Would you ever travel to Tusker Rock? Tell us in the comments…


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