You Can Have the Northern Lights Named After Your Valentine

northern lights in Finland

Valentine's Day is here. If you haven't found the perfect gift fear not, because This is Arctic has the perfect last-minute option for you.

The marketing initiative developed to help promote visiting Arctic Europe is giving people the chance to name the northern lights after someone they love for one special night.

According to This Is Arctic, the idea behind the naming auroras campaign was to give names to northern light storms similar to the way hurricanes are named.

"Space Weather Prediction Centre receives data on solar activity such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and high-speed solar wind," the company explained. "When its data shows a signal that exceeds a certain level, the predicted aurora will be named."

Launched in October 2020, the Naming Auroras campaign has received nearly 2,000 name suggestions from all over the world. So far, just two have been picked based on their heart-warming descriptions. Those include Aurora Denise, which was visible from November 21 – 23. Its submitted description read: "An exceptional woman' who'd had a lifelong dream to see the northern lights but passed away November 21, 2019, without ever witnessing northern lights live." And Aurora Ellen, visible from January 20 – 22. That description read: "From the west coast of Ireland, Ellen enjoys sitting in her conservatory observing the stars. She had her 100th birthday in December."

Want to see your loved one represented in the night sky? All you need to do is visit This is Arctic's Naming Auroras website and fill in your information. Next, you can suggest a name and give all the reasons why you'd like to name a magical aurora borealis after this person. If you're lucky, their aurora will one day be visible high above the earth.

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