ASTA sees surge of downloads of its Travel Advisor Career Overview

The number of downloads of ASTA’s Travel Advisor Career Overview have skyrocketed this year to more than 12,000.

By comparison, in the five preceding years, there were about 50 downloads of the materials, ASTA said.

The Society attributed the uptick to two sources: an investment made by Norwegian Cruise Line and ASTA’s initiative to bring new blood into the industry.

“Right now, the travel industry desperately needs more talent,” ASTA CEO Zane Kerby said in a release. “If someone is interested in becoming a travel advisor, they first have to understand the landscape of our industry and the variety of pathways available to them.”

The materials ASTA has curated offer a step-by-step guide for those interested in becoming travel advisors.

Previously, the materials carried a small fee, but they are now available for free.

ASTA has also created a list of leads based on downloads, marketing additional educational materials to those individuals.

The Society’s Travel Career Center “has seen exponential growth and record traffic” in recent months, ASTA said.

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