How many countries have YOU visited? Find out with this interactive map

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    Are you a travel bore or a wanderlust wonder? You can find out using this interactive map.

    There are 196 countries in the world, but the average person has only visited 7% of them – that’s roughly 14 countries. have launched a new interactive tool for aspiring travellers that allows you to keep track and discover what percent of the world you’ve seen so far.

    The tool lets you virtually scratch off the places you have visited on a world map.

    It then accesses how much of the world you have visited as well as the percentage of each continent you have covered.

    Find out how well traveled you really are by clicking on the iterative scratch map here.

    If your score has left you feeling depressed or just hungry for more, you might want to start thinking about your next trip.

    But with so many options it can be hard to decided which countries and travel experiences to prioritise.

    Do you fly to the latest must-visit location or try and get ahead of the game by going off-the-beaten-track?

    A good way to focus your wandering mind is to create a Bucket List and work your way through it.

    Seeing the Northern Lights is the number one must-do activity on Brits' Bucket Lists, according to a survey by Coors Light.

    The magical Aurora Borealis, which can often be seen from Northern Norway and Iceland, was voted the most desirable holiday adventure by 48% of people.

    Seeing the power of Niagara Falls came in second with 29% and taking an American road trip like Route 66 was the third most popular with 28%.

    While going on a safari was fourth and kicking back on a relaxing cruise was fifth.

    Swimming with dolphins, staying in an ice hotel and walking the Great Wall Of China were also popular options.

    So, where will you go next?

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