‘I realised I was gay at 35 so left my husband to travel the world with my dog’

A woman quit her job and left her husband and home to travel the world after realising she was actually gay at the age of 35.

Lauren Burgess, now 37, claims that she suffered from recurrent hives due to stress despite having a loving husband, nice home and great career.

She invested in therapy to find out what was causing her so must distress and eventually realised that she was actually a lesbian.

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So, Lauren changed her entire life and find happiness.

The business coach, from California, said: “I was living a life that I was told would make me happy. I had the dream husband, house, dog and career but I started to realise something wasn’t right.

“I saw people on social media talking openly about their sexuality and something started to twig. I wanted to travel and work, and my husband wasn’t so keen.”

She had suffered with depression during the pandemic and ended up in hospital.

The young woman said she often couldn’t even get out of bed and needed to see a therapist.

Lauren and her husband went to marriage counselling and discussed going travelling – but her husband eventually said he did not want to go.

Lauren decided to travel by herself for several weeks in her van – and then realised that she was actually living a lie.

She commented: “I realised I was gay. I’d been seeing a lot of people of social media taking about their sexuality and I began to realise that I might be bisexual.

“But on the trip it all clicked and I realised I was definitely gay. It all made sense. I knew I had to go back to my husband and talk about getting a divorce.”

In February 2021, Lauren left her husband Matt, 40, and went to travel the West Coast of America in a van joined only by her dg.

Now, she’s journeyed as far as Lisbon, London, Paris and Amsterdam – and claims she’s happier than ever.

Lauren added: “Matt is an amazing person and I still have a lot of care there for him.

“It’s been really hard, but I had to follow my dreams.

“I thought I was living the life of my dreams before but now I really am.”


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