Why Napping in a Yurt or Sipping a Canned Cocktail Is the Best Way to Relax, According to 'Schitt's Creek' Star Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire

If there's anything actress Emily Hampshire enjoys doing, it's literally nothing.

Known for her role in the Emmy Award-winning show Schitt's Creek, the Canadian star has teamed up with canned cocktail brand Cutwater Spirits to do just that — and she's hoping you'll join in.

Together, they're inviting those who imbibe to relax Cutwater-style, or "cut out" for those in the know, with a giveaway made for individuals who, like Hampshire, live to chill. Titled the "Ultimate Backyard Sweepstakes," a lucky winner will score a massive yurt, a fire pit, a set of cabana chairs, a cornhole set, Bluetooth speaker, and a Cutwater-branded cooler filled with a supply of Cutwater Spirits' canned cocktails.

The sweepstakes, which is open from now until 7:30 p.m. PST on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 7) requires participants to follow, like, or tag @CutwaterSpirits, and use hashtags #CutOutWithCutwater and #sweepstakes, especially during the game. Participants must be living in the U.S. and over 21.

Their partnership will also be celebrated with a commercial on game day, showing Hampshire, possibly taking a cue from her beloved Schitt's Creek character, Stevie, trying to navigate a backyard campsite set up complete with the snarky commentary and antics that fans love her for.

Hampshire, who describes herself as a "longtime cut out enthusiast," caught up with Travel + Leisure for an exclusive chat about the collaboration and all things "cutting out."

T+L: Since the past year has posed limits in "cutting out" when it comes to travel, can you describe your dream "cut-out" scenario? 

Emily Hampshire: "You'd think after this year my dream 'cutting out' scenario would involve, you know, people. But I just want to be able to take a bucket list trip and drive to a secluded cottage, where there's just the right amount of non-slushy snow outside and the temperature is juuust cold enough to go ice skating, but warm enough to soak in a hot tub outside. Like a chalet somewhere in Quebec."

Back to reality, what's a way you've been "cutting out" during quarantine?

"There's a quarantine? Honestly, I'd be doing the same thing, except now my friends can no longer get mad at me for not wanting to leave my house or put on pants. Which I believe is why Cutwater approached me to partner with them in their #CutOutWithCutWater campaign. I've been racking up ways to "cut out" for decades now and one of my favorite ways is by letting myself live in the moment — like watching people hike while ​cracking open a canned White Russian that tastes like ice cream."

What are some tips for people who think they don't have the time to "cut out" especially during these times? 

"Now that many of us no longer have that physical divide between home life and work life, it's hard to feel entitled to "cut out," let alone know how to do it! It's important to know that "cutting out" is not self-care. It's caring enough about yourself to not feel guilty about all the working out and meditating you're not doing. A sensible work/life balance is crucial for mental health. ​

So, the number one tip is to let go of the guilt. ​I often get wrapped up in things and lose track of time, so I like to set a couple of alarms throughout the day to remind me to do something for ME, like arts and crafts, or listening to a podcast about a deranged serial killer."

Which is your favorite Cutwater cocktail?

"Oh, that's easy: Vodka Mule. Moscow Mules are my favorite drink, but my Instacart delivery always manages to be missing one key ingredient, and then I'm left with 8 limes and a bag of ice. This is WAY easier!"

Besides the cocktails, what's your favorite item in the giveaway prize package?

"The YURT! ​I'm a professional napper. If napping were a sport, I'd be the [insert famous sports star] of napping. ​And you haven't napped till you've napped in a yurt."

And we have to ask, how do you think your "Schitt's Creek" character, Stevie, a motel co-owner, would have fared during the pandemic?

"The hospitality business would obviously have taken a hit, so Stevie may have had to resort to making flannel face masks on Etsy — that David would probably write bad reviews about."

Christine Burroni is Travel + Leisure's Digital News Editor. Find her keeping up with just about everything on Twitter or see what she's up to in NYC on Instagram.

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